Kyphosis exercises

Kyphosis Exercises.

The name ‘kyphosis’ is used to describe the curve of the spine at upper back or thoracic level. ( Visit here for more information on what is kyphosis)  A small front-to-back curve (as viewed from the side) is normal but many people develop an abnormal degree of curvature. This can happen for a variety of reasons related to the type of kyphosis present.


Exercising regularly can be a very effective way to ease the symptoms of some types of kyphosis:

  • Postural kyphosis. This is the most usual form of kyphosis and is the type most likely to benefit from regular exercise. In postural kyphosis, poor posture is caused by weak muscles or bad sitting or standing habits, eg long hours at a computer, and unless some action is taken the problem gets worse as the habits persist. Here, the best way to improve posture is to follow a regime of kyphosis exercises on a regular basis. Kyphosis exercises will target those muscles that support the spine and shoulders(eg back extensors and deltoids).Stretches will loosen and lengthen muscles in the chest abdomen and hamstrings.
  • Scheuermann’s kyphosis. This type is less common and normally develops in adolescence due to abnormal development in some of the vertebrae. Kyphosis exercises under medical supervision can be of benefit in easing Scheuermann’s kyphosis symptoms and back pain, but will not cure the condition.
  • Kyphosis due to accident or osteoporosis. Kyphosis exercises will form part of the rehabilitation regime or physiotherapy in these cases, and will be prescribed by the consultant in charge.

Many Pilates exercise classes are an excellent way of making the most of the effective exercises and stretches. The regular classes encourage the formation of good posture habits and the guidance of the qualified trainers will explain how the exercises target the muscles that need the most attention.

Yoga movements, stretches and poses can also be very beneficial.

Of course you should always check with your consultant physician before undertaking any program of exercises for kyphosis.

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