Kyphosis treatments

Kyphosis Treatment Options.

Treatment solutions for kyphosis depend on:

  •  the severity of the condition
  •  whether there are any complications or issues associated with it
  •  the type of kyphosis. 

Treatment can be for the condition itself and might be corrective surgery or the use of a brace and physical therapy,  or even a combination of both methods.

Otherwise the treatment may be directed at the underlying cause rather than the kyphosis itself. Conditions such as osteoporosis or tumors would be treated more immediately than corrections to the spine.

In mild cases the treatments available would be the wearing of a supporting back brace (whilst the spinal bones are still growing) and/or a program of supervised exercises and physiotherapy. The purpose of these is to strengthen the muscles in the back which support the spine.

In more severe cases surgery is more likely to be used. There are various surgical techniques used but the procedures are complicated and will be performed with the patient under general anaesthetic.


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